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Employee Evaluations: Stop Asking Why and Just Do It

People in Business expect to be evaluated as they compare themselves daily with their peers.  Evaluations are a necessary part of being a manager.  There are  numerous reasons but we will focus on the best reason —- motivation and productivity.

The trap is that if you only evaluate your direct reports annually or even quarterly, their expectation is increased compensation at review time.  The employee assumes if their performance is adequate that an annual raise including merit and cost of living is a part of their entitlement.

In recent years this may not have been the case due to widespread salary cuts and layoffs.  However you need to start planning ahead today for what will surely come tomorrow.

When Company Profits return your employees will believe (as they should) that they “got you through the hard times”.

You will need to start “fair and balanced” employee measurement now if you haven’t put a plan into place.

There are only 3 steps:

1) Set a time weekly to meet with each of your direct reports — no more than 15-30 minutes a week.

2) Develop a written format for the meeting   (to be filled out by them) including:

  •  The coming weeks goals for this person
  •  Their quarterly goals
  •  Their yearly goals
  •  What they need from you to accomplish these goals
  •  What obstacles they see and how you can both overcome these obstacles
  •  (Anything else relevant to this person that will help them accomplish their goals)

3)  The employee brings this list to next week’s meeting filled out along with the future week’s “report” —- You cover both past and future with instant feedback. Don’t forget the positive recognition along with any productive suggestions.

The cycle is weekly.  The measurement is weekly.  They see their own progress or lack of progress.  Problems and challenges are addressed early  —- and the yearly review is merely a compilation of all their individual reports.

Additional Compensation is reserved for becoming more productive, well trained, highly motivated and taking more responsibility.

IT TAKES TOO MUCH TIME ! I’M TOO BUSY !  So I ask is it better to move continually forward or continually put out fires?

I’d be glad to set up a one page form with you for any positions you may be having difficulty with measuring goals — so no excuses.

Please write and let me know your most pressing challenges and I’d be glad to turn them into a topic I can blog about.