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Who Is Great In Your Life

We all need to look at those around us and decide who is good for you and who is not.

People you need in your life:

Positive Reinforcers

Those that give you guidance and direction and you trust their honesty

Those that know you and still love you

Those that will come to the hospital to be your advocate

Those that tell others your talents

Those that keep in touch because they value the relationship even when you’re not good at communicating

Those that don’t tell your secrets because you needed an ear to talk to

Those that believe you can accomplish your passions and help you recognize what they are

Those that are cheerleaders for you in every way

Those who would stand up for you in a discussion because they trust you and want others to know your talents and character

Top 10 “Bad” people for you:

Those that put their own needs above anyone else’s

Those that need to have the credit for whatever accomplishment there is

Those that talk behind your back but not to your face

Those that have no ability to consider others feelings

Those that make excuses

Those that put money above all else

Those that use misinformation or any information as a stepping stone to power over others

Those that don’t know the meanings of “trust” or “loyalty”

Those that use negative comments and innuendo to gain alliance and influence

Those that have ulterior motives


Comments on: "Who Is Great In Your Life" (6)

  1. Maggie Sacher said:

    Thank you Kate. As usual you hit the target.

  2. What a great reminder about being nice and how to be a good person to my friends. Kate, you are definitely one of the Good people”. TF

  3. barbarakaplan said:

    Great information Miss Kate!

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Barbara Madorin said:

    Excellent reminder, Kate!

  5. John Heinrich said:

    Well said, Kate! I’d endorse Floods comment that you’re one of the ‘good’ people.

  6. Great article, if you surround yourself with good people you will always receive good, you are the best example, I know this because I have been a receiver for many years.

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