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How many times over the years have you heard a politician use this statement with regards to Federal Income Tax debates?

I have my own political opinions on all the “issues” but I’m not discussing what I think should or should not happen. What I AM concerned about is using misrepresentations to give an impression to the American public that: a) something is not currently happening and b) it is said to incite people who take the statement at face value.

Our tax structure has been the same for at least as long as I have been around. Taxes are based on your total income individually or married. You must count not only wages but interest earned, dividends, etc. etc. etc. Meaning all forms of “making money” count.

We pay a percentage of those earnings. As the income rises so does the percentage. The current percentages range from 0 to 10% for the lowest paying taxpayer to 35% for the highest earning tax payer just for the Federal Government.

Doesn’t this already mean that the more you make the more you pay? AND doesn’t this mean that not only is 10% of a higher income mean you pay more dollars (10% of $10 is $1 — 10% of $100 is $10) but on top of that you don’t just pay 10% you can get as high as 35% (35% of $100 is $35) if you reach the top levels of income?

The meaning of the word “fair” which has been used since before the 12th Century is “equitable, impartial”. Aren’t we already asking those who make more to pay more which isn’t “fair” but “accepted” in order to assist those who are less able to pay.

The increased revenue to the government is and has been needed to support our Federal  Programs and National Safety. We should be grateful higher paid Americans do pay proportionately more in taxes, not accuse them of taking advantage of the system or tax dodging.

Why don’t we hear; ” We are asking those who make more in our Country to pay more for the benefit of all, and we appreciate their sacrifices in doing so”.

Wouldn’t that be a “fair” statement?

We are also used to hearing about “loopholes” the wealthy can take advantage of in preparing and paying their taxes. These loopholes per se were put in place when there were specific needs our society had, and we encouraged those with money to spend it in the endeavors we needed. These deductions are continually in flux. They come and go. And not being a tax attorney I would venture to say they are almost extinct at the current time since you don’t see a run on Hummers right now.

Let’s be “fair” and appreciate our fellow Americans for what they do contribute – not what we think they don’t.

Let’s solve our financial problems with integrity not alienation.

I for one am thankful for the citizens who are able to support our country with their tax dollars in this economic climate to whatever extent they can.

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