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Where does your dream lead you?

Some people have a lot to say all of the time. This is a good thing especially when they are your favorite author, writer, speaker or any number of talents that attract your attention.

Some people are great listeners and after thoughtfully listening to your story provide encouragement, strength, enlightenment, comfort, hope or any emotion that may help us to move forward toward our goals.

Some people can do both well and provide the world with wisdom and winners.

I admit my dream is to become both a great listener and communicator. The listening can help me understand what people want; and the communicating can help me express to people what tools may be important to them to attain their dreams.

I also admit I have not reached my dream and often fall short of the intended mark. However I realize it is a constant education on my part to listen better and keep up with new tools available in our ever-changing world.

From every experience I have I gain new information to bring me closer to my dream. I learn to listen and communicate in a more beneficial way to my audience whether it’s one person, several or many.

I continually want to be better at helping others and in return helping myself. I want to encourage others as well as provide information that may help them. I want to give praise while helping them identify their unique talents. I want to give support while they are on their way to victory. I want to give them hope so they can hold onto it for their own.

But to accomplish this I must keep practicing.

I have to practice being present and asking questions. I have to ask them to describe their dream. I have to help them discover their unique talents if they have not done so on their own. I have to actively think of what I can personally do to assist them in attaining their dreams and using their talents.

I have to listen, learn and do something.

That something could be as simple as a heart-felt note to express my appreciation and belief in them; or as complex as setting up a difficult introduction to someone who could help them with their dream.

I want to be of help to others (my dream – it also includes writing meaningful articles that encourage people).

Just like those I want to help I must hold onto hope. The hope that I can become an outstanding mentor to others in attaining the strength and happiness they deserve in this life.

What is your dream ?

Success is not a mountain to climb; it is a path to follow all the days of our life.

Our gifts and our values lead us down the path. They are our road map (our GPS) to the destination of fulfillment. We can never get lost or give up hope that we will fulfill our dreams.

Have you thought about how to accomplish your dream?

Do you have advocates to support and encourage your dreams?

Have you done something about moving toward your dream today?

Have you assisted others in accomplishing their dreams?

Have you kept hope alive even through tough learning experiences and difficult economic times?

Rekindle your dream and never lose hope in its’ inevitability.

It has been said:

A person can live forty days without food; four days without water; four minutes without air but only four seconds without hope.

Be the hope you need and give hope to those around you and as they say ” may all your dreams come true”.

Comments on: "YOUR DREAM ; DON’T LOSE SIGHT OF IT" (3)

  1. Maggie Sacher said:

    Thanks for the right words at the right time. I am working on feeding my dream. Only when I actively feed my dream does it stay healthy and/or grow. It is a ‘living’ entity; needing all the care and attention of any friend and I need to remember that daily. With your words of encouragement I will put conscious effort into supporting other’s in feeding their dreams.

  2. Nice, Kate! Thank you!

  3. Interesting post to read today, Kate, considering the challenge I just faced this week at the culmination of trying to help someone else live her dream. It backfired. How can that happen?!

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