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Whether it’s your home or your office there are always spaces that seem to get overwhelming. Places you avoid after a while because the idea of trying to “organize it” brings images of days of hard labor – and you have no idea what you’d do with it if you did begin to “organize”.

Where is the spot you throw things when you’re in a hurry? Where do you always hide things when someone is coming?

Most of us have our favorite hiding spot no matter how organized the rest of the space may appear. It boils down to thinking we don’t have time to put stuff away, we may not even know where “away” is.

Once we find ourselves in a situation of chaos it becomes harder to do anything about it. You don’t even know where to start. So the cycle continues.

I have discovered ( well  maybe just stumbled upon ) one great way to get started! Instead of thinking you are going to “organize” a space, think you are going to “sort”. No hard decisions need to be made. You don’t need to think about keeping or tossing. Just think SORT!

Sorting is so much easier a concept. It’s like playing a game. All you need to do is put things in piles that are alike. All the reading material goes here. All the pens go in that pile. All the bank statement go in this pile. Etc. Etc.

Sort everything. Make piles everywhere. Then when you are done take a look at your piles. Maybe you’ll see you have way too many of something, and that you could afford to give some away. Maybe you’ll see how easy it would be to put one pile in a folder or a box to either store or add to as new papers or things come into your space. Maybe you’ll decide you only need two weeks worth of reading material and recycle the ones you won’t be able to read.

It’s amazing how when you put “like” thinks together you gain power and control. You can see which ones you really want and which ones are outdated or too worn for use. You can see that you don’t need to purchase yet one more of an item you already have 20 of in your pile.

Of course the next step is continuing to keep your piles separated in a manner they stay together (boxes, drawers, containers, cups, whatever contains them from escaping their assigned pile).

It truly is liberating to keep things contained and to know where their “place” is from now on. As well as showing them who has the power over their future!

Let me know how my “discovery” works for you.

Best Regards,

Kate Rakoci,, 623-326-2910  Jack of All Trades; Making YOU the Master of Yours


  1. Kate, my shortcut to organization was YOU. One closet down and a few to go. You truly practice what you preach. Thanks for your help, I truly couldn’t do it without you.

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