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The Wearing of the Green

I know why every year I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It has to do with a mother whose maiden name was O’Connor and was born on the Emerald Island.

I started to wonder why others who may not have the same heritage are always happy to enter into the celebration. Then I came up with my own theory.

In life as in business it takes all different types of personalities, strengths and skill sets to get the best possible results on any task. We more often than not work with others and discuss our differences; different styles, different opinions, different methods. In doing so we have an opportunity to learn and grow from those around us. We can also create the best possible teams getting the best possible results (as illustrated in “Our Iceberg Is Melting” by John Kotter — a good read).

However commonality makes us feel like we belong. When we have something in common with others we create a bond. We feel liked, welcome and safe (a shared vision or goal is the result of working as a diverse team and creating common goals).

Ultimately we need both differsity and commonality to move forward for the desired outcome.

I choose to think of St. Patrick’s day as a display of both. For one day we can all be different and the same. We can wear green and shamrocks, drink green beer, look for leprechauns with pots of gold and have fun regardless of differences and nationalities.  We all have a mutual goal —- to have fun and be with others who want to have fun.

If you have the opportunity to create fun at work even better — we could all use laughter and humor to keep things in perspective. It’s also a great day to show your appreciation for a job well done.

So pass out the shamrocks, dust off the Irish jokes, wear green and tell everyone you meet “May the luck of the Irish be with you!” today and always.

Comments on: "The Wearing of the Green" (2)

  1. With the unpleasantness in Lybia, the devastation in Japan and our own budget woes, this March 17th is an espcially good time to do as Kate says: drink some green beer, dust off the Irish jokes and wish each other well.

  2. barbarakaplan said:

    This is great! And yu look so good in green!

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