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If you’d like to differentiate yourself from everyone else around you, use the word “I” and use it properly!

It is not “me and Kate Middleton” , nor “me and my friend”.

It is not “me and Colin”, nor “me and the rest of the attendees at the Academy Awards”.

It is “my friends and I”,  “Saint Patrick and I”, “my boss and I, “my fellow constituents and I”, “the whole gosh darn world and I”.

It’s a simple formula to remember when you actually want to sound like you know what you are talking about and how to express it appropriately.

You always come last — and you refer to yourself as “I”.

Our forefathers apparently understood courtesy and manners. They gave us a language that showed respect and regard for others. Others come first.

If you truly want to be different and value others as much as yourself a simple start would be to use the English language correctly.

It shows your determination to be the best you can be at whatever you do. And, those people who appreciate effort will take notice.

It is not our place to “correct” others. Everyone has a choice on how they want to be perceived and how they choose to communicate.

But I guarantee if you consciously make an effort to go back to proper grammar others will notice, and if they notice maybe they will copy. Set the example.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. Let yourself be flattered.

Show how you stand apart from the pack.

Comments on: "Stand a head above the crowd and say “I”" (2)

  1. Kate, thanks so much for that reminder. I appreciate proper English, so please remind me often. What a great idea. TF

  2. Well saying I and emphasising the others in the sentence is a significant revolution in Business Communication. It upgrades repect towards other during any kind of conversation. Besides, giving respect and accepting humility is a foundation to good business communication.

    Nice one, keep writing

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